Matang ni, Macam Mana?


i'm back right after i published the previous post. talking about maturity. i guess this is the second time. i don't know why, but i really want to share something that i thought about "maturity" recently.

as i am right now away from home, away from families & friends, away from my country. i think i've learned so much things. i understand so much things. no, maybe not so much but, much more things. and i'd like to record it somewhere or portrait it or write it somewhere so that it will not be forgotten or maybe as a reminder when i forget. it's a human nature to forget.

in my opinion, mature is when someone can make their own decision in something. and he/she can commit to the decision he/she has made. as for example, making a big decision, still. it needs an advice from someone that we can count on, like close friends. that is wise. of course we can't decide on our own, we need to hear what people say, but the decision is in our hand. and then, after the decision is made, we will have to be committed to it. like if we decided to join an organisation. there will be a big responsibility and amanah for a student to get involve in any organisation. (there is difference between responsibility and amanah, that we need to hold both, but i'm not gonna go there). because as a student we need to know how to balance and manage the responsible and amanah. we need to organise the priority. like making a schedule. it doesn't mater if it's a mind-schedule. it's still a schedule, i guess. hehe. but, i think it will be more effective if we write it. (but i don't think that's me =P) as for muslims wise decision can be made by "istikharah", insyaAllah..

so that's my opinion by this time. mature is when someone can make a wise decision and commits to it. with that, i think i can classify my self as a not-yet-matured. haha. i know we're all human, with different brains and so many different thoughts. there are other definitions of "mature". you might define it as a different thing from a different side of view. so, feel free to share it with me, if you got sometime.
Thanks !

till then, ma'assalamah !