while i am still in the mood of updating this blog..hehe
i have a very interesting thing to share with all of you..
it's about palestine and those creatures or monsters
who or maybe 'what' do not know the meaning of mercy and humane..
they kill and murder anyone they like..even a baby that is so
innocent and have no sins..how could them do that..they have no feeling..
they are such the worst people that existed in this beautiful world..
they're just being a mess in this meaningful life..i don't know why are
they so mean and cruel..how can i describe my feeling..i know all of
must be feeling the same thing..

here, i have a lyric of a song entitled Palestine Will Be Free..by Maher Zain
i hope you will read it and feel it..

every day we tell each other
that this day will be the last
and tomorrow we all can go free
and all this will finally end
Palestine tomorrow will be free
Palestine tomorrow will be free

no mother no father to wipe away my tears
that's why i won't cry
i feel scared but i wont show my fears
i keep my head high
deep in my heart i never have any doubt
that Palestine tomorrow will be free
Palestine tomorrow will be free

i saw those rockets and bombs shining in the sky
like drops of rain in the sun's light
taking away everyone dear to my heart
destroying my dreams in a blink of an eye
what happened to our human rights?
what happened to sanctity of life?
and all those other lies?
i know that i'm only a child
but it's you conscience still alive

i will caress with my bare hands
every precious grain of sand
every stone and every tree
'cause no matter what they do
they can never hurt you
cause your soul will always be free

Palestine tomorrow WILL BE FREE
Palestine tomorrow WILL BE FREE

here's the link for you to watch the video of this song..

you must watch..!even if u dont want..i force you to..
please watch it..thre will be a little feeling of regretness
to yourselves..it will suddenly appear in your soul..
if you really put your heart into it..
i cried after and while watching this vid..
i really did..but i dont know how about you guys..
maybe we're not the same..but me, i'm a person that is
sentimental actually..but, insyaAllah, if Allah wants
to give the 'hidayah', He will..

and that's why my title is insyaAllah..

ya Rab, The Most Merciful and Most Gracious
i'm praying for their freedom..let them free and
let the "zionis" to be destroyed..

i am now one of the fan of Maher Zain..or maybe his no.1 fan..
i love all his songs, it is wonderful, amazing, spectacular..
and i really love them..i also like him..i dont even know why..
hehe..he is a great guy..keep on your good works..
sending the people messages and let them understand..

thanks to my aunt, che adk who introduced me Maher Zain..
thank you che adk.. :)

that is all from me..
and always remember that Allah is always by your side..