Something Beautiful


i really wish that i can write something beautiful just like my fellow bloggers..
i don't know how they do it. but, they're always seem beautifully written..
maybe because they write with their hearts..but, i write with my heart too !eh, marah plak..

actually, what i meant by something beautiful, is like the beautiful words. and usually, i found these beautiful words, spoken by an English man/woman. i've always liked their accent and how they talk. the words they use. it made the sentence sounds good, nice and polite. hahah! such as, this one. "forgive me but, i mean no harm to her"..and i like it when they use the word "perhaps" instead of "maybe"..

also, what i had noticed. they often to use the idioms while speaking. which is very good. right? right?? i found it interesting everytime they did that, using idoms. to be honest, i learned more idioms when i watch these English movies than learning in class. (am i using the right word?? 'english' movies?) i think, it is because.. you know.. it is always more fun when it comes to movies. hehe. it will make us(perhaps, people like me) like, "Ooh, now i know..and i think i wanna try to use it!" haha sorry, i don't know how to describe it ^^..

do you know "Oh My English!" ? it's a TVIQ series or something. but i like to watch it.. haha.. i know, i'm already a SPM leaver. but it's not wrong thing to do,right? i know what my level is..^^ it's good for the students to learn english language in a very fun way. anyway, i would like to share the words that i found, beautifully written.

hmm, after a loooong search, this one attracted me.

about a dreamer.
kenapa rasa macam asyik pasal dreamer je eh ?
however, just read how it was written. ^-^

p/s: i just hope that my writing has no flaws..hehe. if there's any, please, DO tell me^^

till then !